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30 Day Workmanship Guarantee On All Services

Road Hazard Protection

This HURRY TIRE warranty can be applied to a tire that has become un-serviceable due to either a cut, snag, non-repairable puncture or impact damage. The warranty is designed to minimize the cost to the consumer for a replacement tire and pro-rates this cost based on the usage of the affected tire. (Please note installation, taxes and tire recycling fees are not covered) other conditions may apply based on tire manufacture.

Mileage Warranty

If tire wears to 2/32 of an inch prior to the manufacture stated kilometer rating we will replace the tire with comparable new tires at a pro-rated price. Pro-rated price will be calculated by dividing the actual distance travelled by the expected distance, multiplied by the current price. Tire must measure evenly 2/32nds across each tread face.

History of rotation every 8,000 km is required (DIY does not count)

Cold inflation pressure must be maintained. (Check tire pressure once a month)

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